Dear diary...

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my blog will make you horny ;)


my blog will make you horny ;)

Like idk what to say sometimes! I can’t really believe it.

This guy…

So the guy I made out with on the pool party night. Keeps texting me, wanting to hang out. At first I was just thinking it was gunna be a one night thing. But he sends me these long ass Messages. He’s also tweeting things like ” I think I’m Falling for you”. Sayin’ I’m on his mind & stuff. He’s a sweet talker… It’s really weird cause. I think he’s really cute & I kinda want to go with it. But every time I start talkin to a guy… It leads to nothing. & I think I’m ready to be I a relationship. But I’m just gunna go with flow. See if anything happens. But he has yet to text me today… So looks like it’ll be over sooner than I thought.


It was Friday night & my friends & I were bored AF! We hadn’t heard of anything going on that night. Until we got text saying there was a pool party going on that night. So we go! Let’s just say the party didn’t start till we got there! We started drinkin’ gettin in the pool! It was fun! Then I started feeling it after two shots & one mixed drink! I had my eye on one guy that night! Gosh I’ve had a little crush on him for the longest time! & we’ve been friends just flirted for awhile now! But he was mine that night! It was my goal! So we were being a little flirtatious towards each other… Nothing big. Then he asked me to take a shot… I really didn’t want to. So I asked him. “What will I get if I take this shot”? & He says… “I’ll kiss you” lol can’t say I didn’t see that comin but… I DID! Lol So we kis- more like made out! You could say I was a happy girl that night! Not because we made out once… No. We made out three times! He’s so hott! 😍 gosh it was totally the highlight of my summer! I love pool parties. Later on that night he tweets ” I could marry ********”. Lol I gave it a favorite & a retweet!

This weekend- SATURDAY.

Saturday I had gone over to my cousins to stay for but since my parents are out of the country. There was a party going on that night. We go and we meet all her friends. There happens to be this guy… Flirts we me basically all night. I couldn’t really see what he looked like…. He had a pretty good looking silhouette… Anyways it was time for him & his friend to go who had been mackin on my sister… So I felt bad cause my sister kinda liked this kid & they wanted some time alone. So me & this other kid start walking to be alone… So I try and make conversation with this kid. I ask every question in the book. So this kid say’s “So I’m just gunna go for it okay!” Next thing I know he’s kissing me! He like grabs me & picks me up! I try & like get down to be like.. Hey I think that’s enough. But no… Starts kissing my neck! Then starts kissing me again picks me up. Bites my lipe & shii… Then says I have to go… He was an awful kisser! But Let’s just say I took one for the team that night.


If it was meant to last, it would have.
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Sub tweet me again BITCH. And I will ruin your fucking life. Cunt. How you ask? Well to start off your bf that you “Love so much” cheeted on your ugly basic ass. Not once but TWICE. Also before you guys dated he fuck like two other bitches. Literally if this basic cunt talks shit agin. I will not hold back. I’ve fucking had it with her!! - PS I really had to let that out.